Clone of Data Science Training Series for Later ML and DW


Welcome to the ApogeePlex Synergy Zone!  We are excited to introduce you to Data Visualization and Machine Learning.

In the next few days we will teach you how Tableau Software can help turn your mucho data into cool viz's & trusted knowledge and why all the hype around Machine Learning is real!


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Data Visualization Training

Tableau Essentials (DSV-101/102)

Course(s) Summary:

A 2 day hands-on, class room course that teaches students data visualization techniques and the application of best practices.
Day 1:  Tableau Essentials 1:  Emerging Data Viz students will learn, interact with datasets and apply techniques using Tableau Software.  
Day 2:  Tableau Essentials 2:  Students apply more advanced data concepts and viz techniques to make compelling charts and dashboards!

You'll soon have all the tools to make compelling charts and dashboards and be ready to pass and certify your Tableau expertise:

  Tableau Desktop Specialist  Tableau Desktop Certified Associate.

Below please find the meaningful links for the day.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate reach out to any APOGEE-nius for help!

Exercises & Instructions:



Machine Learning Training

Intro to Machine Learning (AU-DSM101)