APOGEE 2020, 3rd Quarter Performance Awards!

Award Cup
Posted: November 24, 2020 by
Chris Johnson

The APOGEE Awards Program is a company management effort to acknowledge employee accomplishments and attainments of significant goals on a quarterly basis.   There are 4 different types of ascending APOGEE Performance Awards.

Quarterly Awards

Our sincere appreciation and gratitude.  Your efforts and skill contribute greatly to the client mission success and are core to APOGEE’s community reputation.

We love when you reach your Peak!

If you or any APOGEE-nius that works with you is just killing it and making a huge contribution, please send an email to your Program Manager or to mTeam@apogeeintegration.com to assist in recognition and the quarterly nomination process.


Thanks for all YOU do!


Keep up with the APOGEE-niuses.