Custom Software Tools

When You Really Need To Know!

APOGEE has developed numerous custom technical software tools to satisfy our customer needs. The following are some examples of tools built by our engineers.

  • Air Force Distributed Common Ground System - Decision making tool for manning, funding and CONOPS of Air Force Ground Station functions.
  • Expert Simulator (C++, Java) – End-to-End cross-int TPED Simulator. Study Manager, CINF Importer, Arch Editor, Expression & Function Parser, Software probes for custom instrumentation
  • Dynamic Re-tasking Simulator (Arena, Excel, STK) – Multi-INT Cross Queue Simulator. Simulated Satellite Tasking, Cullection, Processing, Exploitation & Dissemination decision making by integrating discrete events with STK geometric target access.
  • Extending STK Capabilities
    • Antenna Gain Automation Software
      • models a system antenna using empirical data.
    • Sun and Elevation image quality equation adders for optical sensors
    • Protection and D&D scenario development and analysis
    • Custom HTML based Java and vbscript applications.
  • Integrating external tools with STK
    • Antenna Pointing Application – Satellite tracking by dish. Reduces analysis time from days to minutes.
    • Super Parser – Parses and mports external data files into targets, areas, and other analysis obects usable in the STK Environment.
    • GPS Jammer Tool – Analyzes Jammer/Signal power levels at GPS Receivers at large sample of LEO orbits and inclinations from all known international jamming sources.
  • Apogee Astro Calculator
    • Comprehensive orbit and optical spreadsheet analysis tool.
  • Apogee Radar Tool
    • Creates Dwell, IPR, RNIIRS, Ellipticity and Pattern contours for Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems.
  • Apogee Walker Tool
    • Allows quick analysis of alternatives of Walker based orbits. Generates a number of figure of merits to indicate those phases and plane combinations that offer the best performance to a particular latitude/longitude point.
  • Coverage Helper 3000
    • Creates batch coverage and access comprehensive excel metrics and charts output to single, multipoint and regional targets.